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developer+ | Las Vegas, NV

i've been creative and inquisitive as long as i can remember. i spent most of my early years as an illustrator and tinkerer, leading to a career in design. graphic design lead to web then flash, which introduced me to coding.

i spent the following 10+ years as a flash developer, working for ad agencies like R/GA, Ogilvy, JWT, Digitas Tribal DDB & many others. a hybrid of both creative and developer, i earned a reputation for being able to deliver consistently, when the project required complex user interfaces and animations. able to work closely with designers i could achieve their pixel perfect expectations, as well as communicate the requirements to other developers. an animator at heart i was able to contribute by helping bring designs to life.

as the tide shifted away from the web to mobile. i would be forced to select native or HTML5, when the flash era starting coming to an end. thankfully i chose native. though not an easy journey i still think it was the right choice. over the last four years, i've spent the majority of my time building iOS (and an occasionally OS X) applications.

as i built more apps the need for backend services grew. years ago i'd done some backends with php and mysql for flash sites. there were a lot more options at the now, so i got into to developing rest services with python and node.js in concert with storage options like mongoDB and postgreSQL

as programmer without formal training, i have been fortunate to work with some extremely talented people over the years, who've been instrumental in the development of my career and look forward to working with many more.

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1271 Github Contributions
407 stackoverflow reputation
13 years programming
4 years iOS developing

My Experience

I love to work on great teams where collaboration leads to the execution of great product.


2014 - now

Co-Founder / CTO @ Claim it!

from 2014 to present day

Full Stack Architecture & Development

as one of the co-founders my role is the design, development and maintenance of the technical needs of the product over time, including the backend services and iOS mobile application. working with the product designer, i surface technologies and techniques to support both user experience and overall product goals

mid 2014

Senior iOS Developer @ A&E

iOS Development

working with the in-house designers and developers, i worked on the initial mobile application for launch of A&E's new channel FYI. a universal application designed to run on both iPhone and iPad, i developed an adaptive user interface by leveraging highly customized collection views. by rapidly creating working prototypes of the UI, i was able to quickly get feedback from design and management teams and iterate on the design.

early 2014

Senior iOS Developer @ Hearst

as a part of the iOS development team, i worked on the NewStand-based shell application. i created, updating and fixed various subcomponents of the existing system.

2012 - 2014

Senior iOS Developer @ App Orchard

walking amongst giants

this was where i learned about serious software development. i joined a team of senior developers (some of whom had been doing it before i was born). this was the greatest thing to happen to my career, working under the absolute best team of objective-c developers you could assemble, i learned so much. spending early months question if i was in over my head. it was the hardest i had to ever work as a developer, learning and implementing serious software. the greatest lesson i learned was the power of processes and best practices, like test driving code, paired programming, leveraging design patterns and more.

2011 - 2012

Senior iOS Developer @ Callaway Digital Arts

diving in head first

this was my first role as an iOS developer. apparently so few people really knew objective-c were so far and between, i was considered "senior" :) . my first and only assignment would be building an iPad app that simulated scrapbooking for Martha Stewart. this was a serious leap, but i was confident i build it. at the time i was the only in-house developer and responsible for initial project design and architecture. another first, but i'm always up for a challenge.

the first serious challenge was the need to use vector provided by Martha Stewart to punch holes similar to their physical tools. like the physical versions, they required both corner and edge punching. unlike the real thing these needed to be resizable. i quickly realized that UIKit wasn't going to do the job. going lower than UIKit, i was able to unlock infinite potential through frameworks like CoreAnimation and CoreGraphics.

2010 - 2011

Senior Flash Developer @ R/GA

glorified banner monkey

here i was part of the digital advertising team responsible for creating animated flash banners for the agency's clients. in an effort to increase productivity and minimize repeated work, i created a tool that would batch generate ads.

2001 - 2008

Freelance Flash Developer & Animator

contract flash development

i worked as a contract flash developer for multiple ad agencies and media companies, throughout this period. as freelancer i was able to work on numerous project of varying scales. the companies which i provided services for include: Digitas, J. Walter Thompson, Ogilvy, Tribal DDB, Iris and many others, working on brands like Adidas, Nike, Verizon, Jose Cuervo, Hertz to name a few.


2001 - now

Self Education (Developer)


Building on my experience in video post-production and animation, i ventured into development with flash, which lead to web development, which lead to mobile and native development


CS101 @ iTunes U

Stanford University (iTunes U)

in an effort to establish a stronger foundation in Computer Science basics, i downloaded the CS101 video lectures, from iTunes. i followed the entire course and completed the exercises. i also learned to program in C (which was extremely helpful in learning Objective-C).

1995 - 2001

Self Education (Graphics & Animation)

Graphic Design & Animation

Working hands-on with client projects i developed and honed my skills as a graphic designer, which lead to animation and video post-production, including video editing, motion graphics, cinematography, DVD authoring and more.


RIEF (High School)


I earned my GED

I am good at

  • Objective-C 100%
  • Core Graphics & Animation 100%
  • UIKit Customization 100%
  • Service Development 95%
  • Database Management 65%
  • Application Architecture 75%
  • Design Patterns 90%
  • Test-Driven Development 80%
  • Paired Programming 90%
  • Team Work & Collaboration 100%

"A language that doesn't affect the way you think about programming, is not worth knowing."

-Alan Perlis

Contact me

When I'm not working on mobile apps, I'm honing my skills as a game developer (and player).



  • 646.225.1690

  • Las Vegas, NV